7INQ is a key Venusgeo initiative, which is the educator/incubator for Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation. With our hearts and roots in rural India, we empower entrepreneurs to get to the top by aiding them with essential support, may it be mentoring or evolving ideas or marketing or revenue growth or exit strategies.

At 7INQ, we believe that entrepreneurship is applicable, adoptable and crucial in organizations of all types and sizes, in new ventures as well as established businesses. Today, teams, divisions, and whole enterprises are striving to be more entrepreneurial. Furthermore, entrepreneurial thought and action are happening at all levels of an organization, where collaboration complements top-down leadership.

We understand that thinking and acting entrepreneurially is more than just an inclination. Rather, it can be taught. And we do it better than anyone.

7INQ’s methodology for entrepreneurship thinking is nearly a decade old; today, Entrepreneurial, Innovation and Action are still at the center of the 7INQ experience. In our collaborative community, through a blend of innovative, integrated programs, our process and methods share the experience the world as it is.

7INQ Core Values

Our vision is to convert Tirupati/Andhra Pradesh into the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of India by attracting the best and brightest entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups promoting rural entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to help and facilitate the creation of best of the breed companies through rural entrepreneurship, and to impact Indian entrepreneurs to build companies with a global approach.

With our vision and mission in mind, these 7 values will guide us and participants to foster the India of the future and to further the world’s next game-changing enterprises.

What’s unique about 7INQ?

  • We wholeheartedly value transparency, sincerity, and integrity as means to creating lasting relationships between our members and the community that surrounds us.
  • We always seek new options and embrace change while being open to listen to the opinion of others.
  • Within the guiding light of innovation, we want to constantly create new things that seek to break conventional ties – impacting humanity on a global scale.
  • Passion, determination, and perseverance are core values that we believe in —and essentially— the building blocks required to create something you believe in.
  • We are open to sharing experiences amongst ourselves and others and are always on the look-out for new team-building opportunities because then —each day— we will be stronger than before.
  • We must always thirst to be up-to-speed with the world’s innovations, seeing how we can be part of it, questioning how we think —and how we do things each day— striving to improve.

What We Do

7INQ has an intensive mentorship program to help startups build better products, raise the funding they need to succeed and ultimately grow more successful businesses.

Unlike others, through the year we provide a 3 to 7 month intensive mentorship session to a few carefully selected startups. Typically companies that join 7INQ are in different stages, from idea stage to early traction, but most of them have not raised money and are within 6 to 12 month of starting up.

At our incubation center, we roll up our sleeves and work alongside with startups. No matter what – from idea brainstorming to market fit, from product design to customer acquisition – we do it all and most importantly, we are there for you every day. We also help with the less glamorous things like company creation, legal and other documentation – you name it.

Our program does not end at with a typical demo day – we are your mentors long past 7INQ, the other founders of your session become your closest friends and you become part of an awesome alumni network of founders who have build companies, hired teams, raised money, got acquired – but most importantly, have gone through the same intense journey than you!

What’s unique about 7INQ?

  • We run a small & focused program ranging from 3 to 7 months – round the year.
  • We are with you full-time and really understand your business.
  • We all work in the same office, not just during a few office hours.
  • You have access to true leaders – not for a quick speech.

We Know Tech

Let Us Help Your Startup Succeed

Get the resources you need to jumpstart your company. Our programs combine hands-on help, seed capital, a great co-working location, and an expert leadership team to quickly get your company to the next level.

Get hands-on help

Our mentors and staff work with you daily to help you work through the tactical and strategic issues central to your business. Each one is committed to helping you and invested in your company’s success. We listen, advise, nurture—and push our companies. We help you get things done faster and remove obstacles that slow you down.

Get access and exposure

We give you great mentors and access to the right investors, sales prospects and partners. Our participant gain direct access to leading members of the broader tech community.


Exchange ideas with the other startups in your program—and in the broader alumni network. We find that startups learn as much from each other as anyone else—and they thrive on the energy and innovation of working day in and day out with like-minded startups.


To accelerate is to cause faster or greater activity, development, progress, advancement or to hasten the occurrence of something. This is one of our goals at 7INQ: to hasten the occurrence of customer-validated and scalable companies that will leave a lasting impact on the Indian ecosystem. We have built a program to help accelerate you.


Lagoons are small groups of approximately 3-7 companies that meet on a weekly basis. Lagoons provide an opportunity to receive rapid feedback from peers and to leverage the experience of other founders. These weekly encounters also increase accountability and promote brutally intellectually honest learning. Lagoons groups are formed by development stage / industry.


Our mentors are both talented and eager to help you grow. 7INQ network expands beyond the borders of Andhra Pradesh/India with mentors in many parts of the world. Our mentors are not paid for their contributions, but do it out of the pure love for building companies, creating value and impacting the world.

Home Experts (Gurus)

7INQ also houses Home Experts, who are highly experienced engineers, designers, operations experts present in house to be an expert resource for startups. They are there to answer complex, or even simple, technology and product questions and even help with basic architecture. There are many questions we get asked by startups every day, whether platform selection, server migration, data base structure, payments systems, and scaling as well as help with design, user experience and operations. Our Guru’s have saved startups many man-months of pain with their knowledge.

The D-day

This is where we show off the awesome and the best. This is where we connect our companies with investors in India and the rest of the world. Prior to The D-day, companies must first qualify by passing through Pitch Day, an opportunity to pitch to the 7INQ community.

The Program

7INQ provides participant companies with an intensive 3 to 7 month program with the goal of helping early-stage company’s progress rapidly into exciting, viable businesses.

Each accepted company receives an initial investment and the potential for follow-on funding from the pool of funds. They also receive :

  • Free collaborative co-working space in our office.
  • Amazing mentors from the global and local startup community.
  • Seminars and speaker programs lead by top entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry experts.
  • Free legal, accounting, hosting and other business services and support from our sponsors and partners.
  • Access to experienced technologists, UI gurus and other product experts.
  • Exposure to leading local and global seed investors and VCs.


Located in the quiet suburbs of Tirupati, at Karakambadi in the midst of business and academic communities, 7INQ facilities offer a variety of space and room options.

We believe ideas multiply when they come in contact with other ideas. And so we’ve created a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs can connect with each other, mentors, investors, and tap into the collective knowledge of the community. Our experiment which started on a 2,000 square foot of space is on the move.

With the phase two of our expansion plans we are on the path to build/create multiple locations at Tirupati which shall offer private, furnished spaces, co-working, dynamic workspaces, ultra modern tech labs, and conference and meeting room facilities.