Architecture Consulting

Our Architecture Consulting services are founded on years of IT experience. We create innovative solutions that leverage the value of technology for fulfilling real business needs.

Our focus area is enterprise architecture.

We help enterprises to integrate disparate applications and platforms to create a seamless foundation for future growth.

Enterprises today must take a long-term view of their IT systems. They must 'Build to Change', instead of 'Build to Last'. Interoperability has assumed more importance over integration in creating more loosely coupled and orchestrated architectures.

An enterprise typically has IT applications of various vintages. There could be some ongoing development projects based on the latest technologies or packages and there could be existing bespoke legacy applications under maintenance and enhancement. The IT landscape of even a mid-sized enterprise is quite complex.

Enterprise Architecture addresses the above through an integrated framework. Enterprise Architecture leads to an implementation that reflects the intent of all owners and key-stakeholders.

Strategic Staff Augmentation

Strategic Staff Augmentation Your ability to solve business problems as quickly and accurately as possible is critical to the success of implementing any IT solution. Venusgeo delivers software and business consulting expertise to provide maximum value to our customers. With a proven implementation process, comprehensive services offerings, and strategic planning, Venusgeo services are designed to minimize risk and maximize return on your IT expenditures.

At Venusgeo, we understand that every organization faces unique challenges while striving to accomplish a company mission. We have created a comprehensive set of offerings flexible enough to meet each client's needs, while still applying industry standards and best practices.

Our services cover a wide variety of business and technology needs, from Program Management Offices to Business Intelligence and Real-time Enterprise enablement. Whether our clients are looking for a custom solution or a package selection and integration, we have the right tools and experience to make the project a success.

Venusgeo services are organized around key, skill-based practice areas. This allows us to attract some of the industry's best talent and effectively leverage their knowledge and experience. It has also enabled us build quality in these specific areas. In each of the areas we have chosen to practice, we bring the highest level of performance and satisfaction possible.