Those who practice often learn to excel with power and conviction

VG Academy leverages the power of the student community around where we work by identifying amazing talent and organizing workshops, talks and other learning experiences.

We believe that the student community is our greatest asset and VG Academy draws strength from its ranks. Leadership Training, Technical Skill Development and Presentation Techniques are an essential part of VG Academy programs.

VG Academy mission transcends “developing – software developers”. We’re committed to helping students/fresh graduates realize the value of learning, to meet ones’ career goals and serving as the catalyst for real change.

  • Fresh curriculum on leading edge technologies focused on Web Technologies, Mobile, Cloud computing, BigData and Entrepreneurship.
  • Mentored by seasoned developers, software architects and project managers with a passion for sharing their knowledge to enhance your career.
  • Corporate atmosphere to learn and experience.
  • Hands-on, live customer projects.
  • Enhance your presentation and soft skills.
  • Superior value for your training investment.
  • Support before, during and after training.

We believe, those who practice often learn to excel with power and conviction and we have been conducting and nurturing the local student/fresher community for over a decade with volunteer educational and training programs.